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Milton H. Welt    Douglas Rockwood     Ralph U. Brett

                                                                                                                                                  HARWICH. MASSACHUSETTS


                                                                                         July 6, 1965

       R. R. Ploger, Brig, Gen,, USA                                                  -

                                                  Division Engineer

       Corps of Engineers

       424 Trapelo Road

                Waltham, Mass. 02154

                 Dear General Ploger,                           Re: File No. NEDED—fl


This will acknowledge receipt of your communication~ of June 28, 1965, summerizing the situation in regard to the proposed harbor and marina at Andrews River meadow in Harwich.


In answer to your requirement for statements from the Board of Selectmen at this time as act forth in your letter, we would state that, in our opinion, the project, as proposed, would serves very useful purpose in this community and would contribute in a. very substantial way to the Town’s economy from the standpoint of commercial and recreational boating, and to the convenience and safety of the public. We feel that the Town has indicated by its vote in support of the $150,000 bond issue for the project that it will support and provide for the facilities nec­essary for its completion.


In answer to the specific requirements as listed in your letter, may we state the following:           -



a.    it is our opinion that with the present appropriation voted by the Town together with the anticipated State and County contribution, the Town will contribute 50% of the first cost of the Federal project, said project currently estimated at $173,000.


b.   The Town will assume full responsibility for all project costs in excess of the $200,000 Corps of Engineers limitation under Section 107 of the 1960 River and Harbor Act,


c.   The Town will construct and maintain a. public marina of 50 slips, a public landing with berths commensurate with the channel depth, access road, parking areas and other public use facilities open to all on equal terms,


d.   The Town will hold and save the United States free from damages which may result from construction and maintenance of the project.


o.       The Town will provide, without cost to the United States all necessary lands, easements and right of ways needed for the construction and they maintenance of the project.


f,   The Town will regulate the use growth and development of the harbor facilities with the understanding that they will be open to all on equal terms.


We hope that the above will be helpful in the orderly progress toward completion of this worthy enterprise.


It has been a pleasure to work with all of the representatives of the Army Engineers with whoa we have come in contact and we look forward to a continuance of this re1ationship In the future,



Respectfully yours,



Milton H. Welt


Ralph U. Brett


Douglas Rockwood

Board of Selectmen