Date January 5, 2001


TO:  Wayne Melville


FROM:  Tom Leach


SUBJECT:      Saquatucket Research


We have a peculiar situation relative to the Tuna offloading issue described in my last memorandum (1/4/01).


I am sure that the Selectmen and Waterways Committee were supporting the Tuna Offloading fees based upon the plan drawing of the harbor indicating that the offloading bulkheads are clearly outside the Federal Project. This is what the Town attorney must have recognized. Also, the costs of building the bulkhead according to records were born by the sources other than the Federal Government. Theses were as follows:


State        Town                       County        Public-Access       Federal

Dredging                                      75%     25%

Bulkheading                                 50%     25%                            25%

Launching Ramp                                                                                               100%

Parking Area, Roadways              50%     50%

Water Service, Electric                 50%     50%

Harbormaster Building                            100%

Floats, Gangways, Piles                50%     50%

Land & Easements                                 100%

Breakwaters                                                                                                                             100%

Entrance Channel & turning basin                                                                                              100%


What is peculiar is the Army Corps correspondence (circa 1966) and that of the Board of Selectmen seem to concur. The project would be accepted with the condition that the entire operation “shall be open to all on equal terms” regardless of whether or not that activity “is outside the limit of the Federal Project”. Further the growth and development of the facility is subject to the same conditions.


FYI. Please fmd enclosed these letters and copy of the plan about the Federal project.