Harwich Ports Codium Disappearance 11/30/03

Harwich Port,MA -(11/30/03)Miraculously, Sunday morning the codium had picked up and left all the beaches. Somehow the combination of a fierce wind storm and tide were enough to move 10,000+ cubic yards of wet decaying codium off Red River beach Harwich's most impacted. Here is the patchwork of data collected from iwindsurf.com that shows the wind and tide pattern over the last 72 hours that surround what happened Friday, Saturday , and Sunday. It would appear that the big push must have come with the 4:27PM tide on Saturday while the wind turned NW pushing at 35 mph (gusts @ 48 mph).

Tom Leach, Harwich Natural Resources Director
(posted 12/1/03)

Sunday 11/30/03

Saturday 11/29/03

Friday 11/28/03