Allen Harbor Boat Ramp Replacement
An important ramp repair at Allen Harbor has been completed November 2007. The lower end of the ramp was extended 15 feet using coffer dam. Robert Our Co. did the work. The Saquatucket Ramp is scheduled for repair Spring of 2008 at this time.

Marina and Harbor Do's and Don'ts

  • Absolutely No Boat Wake in any of our harbors or rivers, inside breakwaters, or designated mooring area channels
  • No disposal of fish racks, fish parts, fish heads, etc. anywhere within the waters, harbor area or dumpsters. Fishermen are responsible for taking these to the dump.
  • No fueling of boat(s) anywhere in the marina from portable fuel containers. Commercial boats must have valid Town offloading permits.
  • No open flames
  • No barbecuing or open flame either gas grill or charcoal
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any Town Landing, pier, float, building or parking area.
  • No home trash in dumpsters. Dumpsters are for acceptable boat generated trash only not including fish parts
  • No running on the docks or bare feet (wear shoes or sandals)
  • No hanging laundry or towels from outside vessel, in rigging etc.
  • No shouting, profanity, or abusive language
  • No Discharge of Sewage, either treated or untreated in any Harwich Harbors. Harwich is a Designated Federal No Discharge Area
  • Use onboard holding tank only or shoreside facilities. Macerator Chlorinators use prohibited
  • Use Harwich shoreside pump-out station at Saquatucket Harbor east bulkhead
  • No parking vehicles in the Lower Road at Saquatucket Harbor, on Town Pier or in designated trailer spaces ($125 fine any vehicle without permit)
  • No Dogs or pets in Harbormasters Office or restrooms. Pets must be kept on leash.
  • Do walk your dog at on grass north side of east parking lot
  • Do pick up and dispose of dog waste appropriately.
  • Marina shower rooms reserved for marina guests only. Public handicap accessible individual bathrooms are available 24/7.
  • No parking on grass
  • No fishing from the docks
  • All boat trailers must use designated spots and pay daily or seasonal fee.
  • Do report any unsafe or unsanitary or displeasing conditions to the staff
  • Please report any violations to the Harbormasters Office

    Commercial Berthing Area Piling
    replacement is complete (6/31/07) in Saquatucket Harbor Town Pier to replace all steel pilings at this time. Mariners should be aware of the AGM Corporation 150' barge and crane operating in the harbor. The firm will also be rebuilding the town pier and batter pilings which were damaged in a truck crash in March.

    Allen Harbor Dredging by County dredge CODFISH is has been completed. Beach Nourishment included Gray Neck Road, Earle Road and special trucking of 5,000 cu.yards of material over to Red River Beach and Cottage Ave and Hiawatha Road (private).

    Saquatucket Channel Dredging by County dredge CODFISH has been completed removing several speed bumps in the channel near nun '2' (5,400 cubic yards)

    Fuel Dock Tank Removal
    will be acomplished as soon as possible. This work is antiucipated to cause distruption at the Saquatucket bulkhead for about four days. Exact timing of the work will be announced on this website.

    Town Report on Line
    You can now read the Department 2006 Annual Town Report which is is not normally published until May 2007. The report tells about a myriad of funding issues surrounding the operation of our harbors and some of our successes in 2006
    Read Report

    B-Permits Renewals
    Renewal applications of Offloading privileges for transient commercial fishing vessels with applicable Town of Harwich B-Permits were promptly mailed out on November 1st. These renewals are due by December 31st. Any permits not renewed will be subject to reassignment to new interested commercial fishermen.
    Coyote Season in effect through February 28th
    Deer Season is closed (Dec 9).However, Archery season for deer started Oct. 16. coyote hunting season began Nov. 1 and ends Feb. 28. All coyotes downed must be tagged and reported (see regulations). Please do not let your children or pets enter the woods. Wear bright colored clothing if you are going anywhere where even bow hunting may be allowed. Hunting License Requirements

    Did you pay your boat excise?
    Sorry, General Law requires all boat excise tax be paid before Harbormaster can renew any contracts or permits.

    Waiting List Renewals

    The waiting list renewal applications will be mailed by February 1st. The deadline for renewing the waiting list is April 1st, 2007.

    Marina now closed for the season

    Saquatucket Municipal Marina and all Town docks are closed to all recreational boats from Novemebr 15th until May 1st, 2007*. All vessels withouit offloading privileges must be removed per order of Harbormaster.

    *If you have left your boat here you will be charged at the regular daily rate. Delinquent vessels may be removed at the owners expense.

    2007 Harbor Articles

    The harbormaster is preparing a list of Town Meeting articles for various harbor improvements. Suggestions are welcome. See articles

    Shellfish Area Closures

    The following shellfishing areas are remain closed until further notice due to elevated bacteria counts: Red River(inside), and Muddy Creek west of (rte 28).

    A fine for harvesting shellfish from any of the above areas is $300 to $1000 or arrest. Please report offenders (in the act) on annonymous tip line at Harbormasters Office 508-430-7532. Harwich shellfishing and shellfish area questions can be answered by Heinz Proft direct at 508-237-4677.

    A new feature in our website allows Shellfishers to buy their 2006 on-line so don't wait. If you are one of the approximately 700 permit holders go to Shellfish Permit Sales and take advantage of this labor saving feature. Beginning this year shellfish permits will be sold at the Harbormasters Office at Saquatucket Harbor 9-3PM M-W-F.

    More Shellfishing information available at Shellfish Department

    panoramic shots
    You can see the latest panoramic shots of Wychmere Harbor from Snow Inn Road (502K) and Town Pier (650K)
    Harbor gets new Weather Station
    We are very proud of our new weather station at the Harbormasters Office. Boaters can now get live information off this website on wind velocity, wind direction, barometric readings, temperature and rainfall updated every 15 minutes. We think this will become our most popular item. Please click the anenometer icon in the nav bar to access the weather page. Weather Station
    Flying Scot District
    Championship View neat photos of recent Flying Scot District Championship held off Harwich Port August 5th. Best Local finishers: Jeff Morgan with Sarah (5), Tom Leach and Duffy (6), Pete McAvoy and Trip (7). Scots and Water
    Don't expect to do business at Town Hall Friday afternoons
    Starting the week of (07/09/06) Town Hall will be close Friday afternoons at noon like the Highway Department. Instead, Town Hall will be open Mondays from 8AM to 8PM except holidays. Town Hall is normally open 8:30AM to 4PM Monday through Thursday. This experiment will continue through Christmas.
    Saquatucket Boat Ramp Open for Business
    The Saquatucket Boat Ramp and east parking lot are now open for business. Purchase your daily ramp pass at the Harbormasters Office ($8).This is part of a planned $435K renovation on the boat ramp facility. The replacement of the boat ramp itself has been postponed until April 2007.
    Waterways Meeting Schedule
    Normal Waterways Commission Meetings are normally scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month. MEETINGS ARE HELD IN THE SMALL HEARING ROOM AT TOWN HALL at 7PM . See agenda

    Shellfish Permits Mooring Forfeiture
    The Harbormasters Office sent out 25 revokation notices to delinquent permit holders on Tuesday (11/15/05) who have failed to use the mooring as prescibed by the Harbor Management Plan.
    Was your mooring inspected?
    Mooring Permit holders should contact their Harwich area mooring servicing agent to get a full inspection. At years end, the permits of all moorings not getting inspected or failing inspection, or not utilizing the mooring a minimum of 30 days will be canceled.

    Herring Run Moratorium
    The Harwich Herring Run will be closed until 2007. The moratorium was voted unanimously by the Board of Selectmen (01/26/04).

    Seasonal Help Harwich Waterfront
    Assistant Harbormaster $12/hr
    Harbor Assistant $9.50/hr
    Energetic college students sought. Contact Harwich Harbormaster Tom Leach (508-430-7532). Town of Harwich is an equal Opportunity Employer
    Application Form