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Boating Law Summary

The General Court MA

Life Jacket Rules by state

Massachusetts CMR Listings

323 CMR 1.00: Motorboat Titling

323 CMR 2.00: The Use of Vessels

323 CMR 4.00: Operation of Personal Watercraft

323 CMR 6.00: Whitewater Rafting

322 CMR Commercial Fishing Regulations

Wetlands and Waterways Publications (310 CMR)

Harbormaster & Mooring Authority

Fueling 527 CMR 15.00 (pdf)

Longshoremen and Harbor Workers Act

MGL Chapter 102
Shipping; Seamen; Harbors and Harbormasters

MGL Chapter 88
Ferries, Canals and Public Landings

MGL Chapter 90B

MA Boating Fines (officer crib sheet PDF)

MGL Chapter 91

MGL Chapter 130
Marine Fish

MGL Chapter 131
Inland Fish

Mass General Laws

Title 46 -- Shipping

Do You Need a Captain's License? (amendment to Section 2101 of title 46)

Enterprise Funds FAQ

Title 33 -- Navigation and Navigable Waters

Admiralty Law

Various Town/City Harbor Regulations

General Laws Regarding Motorboats and Other Vessels
Chapter 60B Section 1
Chapter 60B Section 2
Chapter 60B Section 3
Chapter 60B Section 4
Chapter 60B Section 5
Chapter 60B Section 6

Massachusetts Motorboat Title Statute
Chapter 90B

Other referenced links
Chapter 60B Section 2b
Chapter 59 Section 8
Chapter 63 Section 67

Maritime Safety: US Inspector General