North Beach Astronomy Club

Weather permitting, The North Beach Astronomy Club meets 45 minutes after dusk at North Beach near ramp #3 on the following dates. Please use shielded (red) flashlight guards. Beware of trail condition. You must have valid over beach permit. Come at your own risk. Not responsible for getting stuck! New members welcome. All beach rules apply.

NEW MOON Date FEB. 28 17:29 EST Sunset MAR. 29 18:02 EST Sunset APR. 27 19:33 EDT Sunset MAY 27 20:04 EDT Sunset JUNE 25 20:18 EDT Sunset JULY 25 20:05 EDT Sunset AUG. 23 19:28 EDT Sunset SEPT. 22 18:37 EDT Sunset OCT. 22 17:48 EDT Sunset NOV. 20 16:16 EST Sunset DEC. 20 16:12 EST Sunset

All stargazers welcome. Bring your own binoculars or telescopes.