Kudos for Leach:

(February 20, 1999 Cape Cod Times)
Molly Benjamin, Columnist
Some folks pull down public paychecks and deserve every penny. Most Harwich residents - along with a host of nonresident waterfront types - have known for a long time that they've got a gem in the form of harbor master Tom Leach. Over the past few years, Leach has not only performed the normal harbor master tasks without raising hackles (well, without raising too many hackles) for that town's two significant harbors, he's also been the dad to a number of innovative projects. This guy is a public servant in the truest and best sense of the word. He has helped people, and he's helped marine resources. An example of the latter lies in the town's innovative shellfish upweller system Leach got up and running in Saquatucket Basin, which is one of the best in the region and operates via a tremendously well-organized group of volunteers.

This winter, Leach got his harbor online. It's not just a collection of regulations and rules, either. He's got the site packed with real information, ranging from shellfish committee reports to way points that will help you find your way into the harbor in a fog. The site is linked to the rest of the community. Town department heads' phone numbers and email addresses can be found there, as are directions and information for obtaining a beach sticker, and more. Tom Leach's approach to being a harbor master has always been geared to being user-friendly. This shows up sharply on his electronic baby. He pulled this off on a mere $500. Look it up at www.capecod.net/harbor master - this is a well-connected site by a well-connected guy.

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