Sailing Team Logbook 2007

Saturday (3/31/07) A skeleton crew practice both today and Friday due to comitments of most many team mebers to the Class play Fame. Still we are managing to get some sailing and Pedte and Tim are shopwing well as being on the line and covering. First race is Tuesday against MV so we really need a full court - full team practice Tuesday.

Tuesday (3/27/07) Coach Rick reports another breezy day so he keeps boats inside the turning basin. He is pleaseed that students are sailing well and there were no capsizes. We need to start team racing asap. First race next week.

Monday (3/26/07) Coach Rick and Tom hold first day of practice and 5 boats and there crews are on the water in a 18knot breeze which kept us in the harbor. Skippering were Gillian, Josh, Pete, Tim and Kristen! teams quickly dusted off the rust and got down to some decent sailing with little hitches. Only one capsize the whole aftrernoon. Please, dry suits on everyone for now.

Thursday (3/22/07) Most of team musters to kget the masts up in 20 knots of cool moist breeze. We are missing some parts like kicking straps, clevis pins and tangs. However, minor set backs as we move forward. Wool hats, cloves and wool socks will be the order of the day. Also, team members have their drysuits but they have to provide their own life vest.

Wednesday (3/21/07) Team musters to launch 8 boats after school on a brisk afternoon. Tomorrow we shall step masts booms and maybbe , just maybe, attempt to sail. Freshmen enthusiatic!

Monday (3/19/07) OK the push is on. Quite a cold day, Coach Paulus called the first meeting at the workshop to pull out the boats and issue dry suits. Tom T. has done an amazing job restoring six 420's so far. 12 sailors shuffled six boats outside and we halled another three from the front racks back into the back shop for Tom's careful assessment. Only two weeks to our first race so we need to get a moveon. We will have to deal with a myriad of small items like replacing traveler lines, hiking strap tie-backs and, scupper shock cords and tennis balls. A couple baots need new spreaders but all and all it looks like we're in good shape. Rick has measured for the new vessel names which are already proving of interest. We will muster again on Wednesday to try and get the float set-up and the first 420 dinghies to the harbor. See photos on Today Photos

Friday (3/16/07) Back from Costa Rica and looked in on the progress Tom T has made on the boats at the shop. He has done a great job reworking the broken transoms and gunwale issues on 6 boats . The gelcoat will be sanded and buffed out next. So we should have some sweet looking boats to start off. This snow storm upon us today may delay getting on the water, but that may be to be expected. Ordered 45' of new rubrail for the 420's this PM so they can be shipshape. TEL

Thursday - (3/1/07) Tom Telesmanick effects first fiberglass repairs on one of the 420's at the Harbormasters Shop. Tom Leach meets with our new coach Rick Paulus to go over details of repairs on some of the boats. Items discussed were naming vessels instead of confusing hull numbers, posibbly with the names of US presidents or Cape Cod names. Juniors Pete Sawyer and Glenn Mallory stopped by the shop to see what's up. Pete is enthusiastic about the upcoming season having had a successful summer sailing at Stone Horse. He wants us to encorporate some coaching ideas they used.

Friday - (3/2/07) Website updated with some new rule stuff. Also the Guest book has been improved.