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Funny Photo on Commander Paige Mallory, Sarah Hosseini, Jessica Hewett, Tim Adams, Morgan McCulloch, Meghanne Currie, Heather Mallory, Glenn Mallory, Josh Keyes

Harwich High Interscholastic Sailing Team Roster

Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

NE Scholastic Sailing Association
Membership Class
Gillian Smith (C) 3rd Year Junior
Josh Keyes 3rd Year Junior
Glenn Mallory 3rd Year Junior
Peter Sawyer 3rd Year Junior
Tim Adams 3rd Year Junior
Pat Blute 3rd Year Junior
Vince Donnelly3rd Year Junior
Kristen Walther 2nd Year Sophomore
Leanne Veary1st Year Freshmen
Janelle Veary1st Year Freshmen
Sami Sawyer1st Year Freshmen
Robert Peacock1st Year Freshmen
Max Dowgiallo1st Year Freshmen
Cody DeGroff1st Year Freshmen
Madison Bennett1st Year Freshmen
Rick Paulus 1st Year Asst. Coach
John Dickson 10th Year Asst. Coach
Thomas Leach 9th Year Asst. Coach

The Harwich High Sailing Team is the only co-ed spring sport at Harwich High School.

Although our team in its seventh season shows strong support with a good turnout of capable freshmen, seasoned sophomores, tempered juniors, and veteran seniors for such a small school, coaches Rick Paulus, John Dickson and Tom Leach would like to fill out the roster to complete crews for our twelve boats so we can hold large competitive practice and eventually both JV and Varsity teams.

Prior sailing experience is not a prerequisite and often an agile person of less stature will find it easier to be competitive. Sailing is one of the neatest sports going and lasts with you a lifetime, the sooner you begin the experience the better. If you want to know more talk with any members of the sailing team listed in the roster below.

Sailing is a parenthetic sport. Any students who think they would grow, mature, develop by becoming part of this unusual team should contact Mr. Dickson in the History Department for details or talk to Mrs. Leach at her office in the Library.

Sailor College
Jessica Hewitt, (C) '06Maine Maritime
Brian Boyle '06 Fitchburg State
Brenden McVickar '06 Fitchburg State
Mary Wesp '06 Westfield State
Matt Brown '06 Wheaton
Quincy Dewing '06 Bunker Hill
Heather Mallory (C) '05 Mass Maritime
Meghanne Currie '05 Syracuse
Jim Adams (C) '04Curry College
Neal Donovan (C) '03 Butera School of Art
Shawna O'Loughlin '03 Plymouth State
Regina Legge '03 U.Maine
Tom Leach, (C) '02 Coast Guard / Tufts
Jamie Scarbrough, (C) '02 Duke
Bryan Knowles '02 Stanford
Scott Penfield '02 Tufts
Jillian Shuttleworth '02 Hallmark Institute
Jackie London '02 LaSalle
Peter Donovan (C), '99 Roger Williams
Alicia Barnatchez, '99 U.Mass Amherst
Alexa Johnson, '99 Syracuse
Kristen Burnie, '99 Gettysburg
Sarah Moore, '99 Syracuse
Mike O'Loughlin (C) '00 U. Mass
Josh Mongeau (C) '00 Pratt Institute
Scott Hamilton '00 U of New England
Pavel Federento '00 Worcester Polytenic
Adam Lucas '00 Mass Maritime